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Understanding Diamonds Through The Diamond 4C's

As rightly said by Marilyn Monroe- “ Diamonds are a girl's best friend.” However, to find your best friend amidst the sea of fake friends is a daunting task. This is where the ‘Diamond 4C’ comes into the picture. The valuable C’s guide your way to selecting the perfect diamond jewelry and enables you to think not just like a customer but as a professional too. Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut are the 4 coveted C’s that can effortlessly help you find your precious jewel. 

Let’s learn a little more about the Diamond 4C’s that’ll help you make the right purchase:

Diamond Carat Weight

The weight of a diamond is measured in metric carats by professionals known as Gemologists. 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams is what each carat of a diamond equals to. The carats are further subdivided into 100 points that allow accurate measurements. In a majority of the shops, you will find the weight of diamonds denoted in carats or a fraction of carats. However, there are exceptions such as the extra small diamonds that are listed in points. Please make sure not to confuse diamond carat weight with the size of the diamonds.

Diamond Cut

A diamond’s cut denotes the multiple angles and minute facets that are cut into the diamond to amplify the light’s reflection. A premium quality diamond interacts effortlessly with light to deliver: 

Fire- which refers to the scattering of light resulting in a rainbow

Brightness- white light’s reflection

Sparkles and Scintillation- which occur due to the distinct dark and light patterns in the gem.

The cut of the diamonds is divided into 3 parameters: Polish, Proportion, and Symmetry. Each parameter is evaluated on the basis of the following quality grades: Excellent (EX), Very Good (VG), Good (G), or Fair (F).

Diamond Color

The diamond color is one of the objective grades of the 4C’s. Often diamonds are available in multiple shades of brown and yellow. Only a few of them are colorless. After the mining process, the diamonds are graded based on their color by gemologists in a gem lab. The grading scale begins with grade D which refers to colorless and continues to Z which refers to light yellow. Colorless diamonds are one of the most valuable gems and hence are often priced on the higher side. We recommend purchasing diamonds that are graded between D and I.

Diamond Clarity

There are several inclusions and external blemishes found on diamonds as they are formed way below the earth’s surface. The diamond clarity is graded based on the type, position, and number of imperfections. The scale grade that determines the clarity of diamonds begins with Loupe Clean (LP) and ends with Piqué 3.

The 4C’s of diamonds are paramount in selecting well-crafted gems that would otherwise be an overwhelming job. In addition to the 4C’s, you must be certain to purchase diamonds from a credible source like Finerock. We have the finest collection of diamond jewelry that features exquisite designs and excellent diamonds that adhere to all the quality parameters to give you what you deserve- the best.


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