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Popular Diamond Ring Shapes That You Must Know About

An embodiment of grandeur and sophistication, diamond rings are precious pieces of jewelry that every individual dreams of owning. Be it an exquisite engagement ring or a regal wedding ring, these coveted pieces celebrate life’s special moments in all its spectacular glory! When shopping for diamond rings, the factors that get maximum consideration are the cut, clarity, and carat weight of the diamonds, the metals incorporated in the making of the ring, the designs they feature, etc. But the shape of the diamond ring is also quite an important aspect that you need to consider.

Selecting the ring shape is mostly a personal preference, but there are certain advantages that every shape offers that you need to be aware of before finalizing your choice. Below are 6 diamond ring shapes that you must know about:

Round-cut diamond ring

 A classic shape of women’s diamond ring, this variant is usually a bestseller in engagement rings. Round-cut diamond rings boast exceptional brilliance and light performance which amplifies their ability to shine bright with maximum sparkle! However, you also need to know that since a lot of diamond is lost when cutting them in a round shape, these rings happen to be the most expensive among all options. Round diamonds are the only ones to get a cut grade which is determined by how accurately proportioned the diamond is. The best thing about a round-cut diamond’s intense sparkle is that it obscures inclusions well, so if you wish to balance your budget, you can go for a piece with lower clarity.

Pear-cut diamond ring

 An unconventional choice that appeals to those with a distinct sense of style, pear-cut diamond rings help the wearer stand a class apart from the rest! This diamond shape derives its name from its rounded edge that tapers into a single point. This brilliant diamond ring is a fantastic option for those who want their fingers to appear slimmer, elongated, and more delicate. Pear-cut diamonds are quite spready, hence they possess a tendency to appear bigger than their actual carat weight. 

Oval-cut diamond ring

Nowadays, oval-cut rings are becoming a massive rage in diamond rings online and offline too. Similar to pear-cut diamond rings, the flattering slender and elongated appearance that this ring shape lends to the wearer’s fingers is simply marvelous! Oval rings also look larger in size than their carat weight because of their long shape. Warmth from a lower grade color is not visible in an oval-cut diamond ring because it disperses color.

 Cushion-cut diamond ring 

A dainty piece that exudes charm in abundance, cushion-cut diamond rings have been loved by many for ages! It features a square or a slightly narrow and elongated square with rounded corners. Even the shape of each cushion is distinct. Due to the brilliant sparkle of these cushions, they effectively conceal any inclusions that may be present in the diamond.

Emerald-cut diamond ring

 An epitome of grace and simplicity, emerald-cut diamond rings appeal to individuals with a minimalistic aesthetic sense. Its one-of-a-kind appearance stems from it being cut with rectangular facets. Emerald-cuts are step cuts - which implies that they feature linear and long facets which look similar to a flight of stairs. However, you should know that these facets increase the visibility of the diamond’s inclusions, which is why if you decide to purchase this ring, make sure that the clarity of the diamond is high.

Radiant-cut diamond ring

A popular shape of diamond ring for men as well as women, radiant-cut diamond rings are apt for those who can’t seem to choose between an emerald-cut or oval-cut. This mixed cut diamond combines the brilliance of an oval-cut and the step-cut facets of an emerald-cut - giving you the best of both worlds!

So, these are 6 popular shapes that you can take your pick from if you plan to shop diamond rings. Finerock, the leading jewelry brand is home to a wide variety of sublime diamond rings for both women and men that will leave you spoilt for choice!


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