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Beyond Diamonds: The Significance of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are coveted pieces of love that have given a new meaning to relationships for decades. The practice of exchanging rings dates back to the Ancient Roman era which continues even today. But the question here is, why rings? Well, rings are circles that symbolize eternal love and also signify the rebirth and resumption of fidelity. A relationship between two individuals is an everlasting bond that cannot be defined by anything, however, a ring is a sole piece that encapsulates the essence of pure love and celebrates it in its glory.  One of the timeless and popular choices for lovers across the globe are Diamond engagement rings that they exchange to celebrate their love and commitment.

There’s more to engagement rings beyond the beautiful gem. Read out to know the significance:

A Hearty Connection

Romans are the first to use rings that celebrate an engagement and are also the very first ones to wear the rings on their left ring finger. This is because the finger contains a vein called ‘vena amoris’ that connects directly to the heart. What is a better way to carve a special place close to the heart of your beloved? The new trend amongst brides is to wear their wedding ring first on their ring  finger for it to be the closest to the heart. However, there are many brides that prefer to wear their engagement ring on their wedding day, well who wouldn’t want to wear the opulent piece? The brides then prior to the ceremony switch the ring to their right ring finger. To seal a bond of forever, the spouse places the wedding ring on the left ring finger, where it connects directly to the heart.

Exchanging Rings

The practice of a double ring ceremony which denotes a couple exchanging rings, instead of the bride only wearing a ring, was not prevalent until World War II. The exchange of rings defines the devotion and respect in marriage, unlike the earlier days when it was a sign of ownership. Today, it has become quite common for men to wear engagement rings that signify their commitment to a future together. We’re lucky in the 21st century that people are aware of a woman proposing to a woman, or a man; or a man proposing to a person of the same gender. What matters today is pure love that is enough for them to stay together.

The Beginning to a Future Together

Engagement rings for women or men aren’t just mere jewelry pieces but an embodiment of their love, commitment, devotion, and the spirit of togetherness. While there’s nothing that can be given or worn to symbolize your love, a ring is a piece of emotion that encapsulates memories, feelings, and a lot more. It’s a moment that you can never forget and a memory that will stay with you forever.

Be it an engagement ring for men or women, every ring has a special place carved into the hearts of a couple. Get your beloved an exceptional piece of pure bliss to celebrate your timeless love from Finerock’s elaborate collection of fine jewelry. From diamond to gold engagement rings and more, you can find it all at Finerock- your one-stop-destination for divine rings and jewelry.


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