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You are finally ready to take that much awaited plunge into marital bliss and commit yourself to another being for a lifetime’s journey of love and togetherness. Planning for a wedding entails a load of preparations that kick off several months prior to the big day, and shopping for wedding rings is a significant part of them. Buying a coveted jewelry piece like a wedding ring is a considerable investment, hence a lot of thought needs to go into it to ensure that you pick the perfect piece for your loved one!

Below, we have compiled a guide to help you purchase the perfect wedding ring:

  • Shop for the ring well in advance

 It is advisable to shop for wedding rings at least six months before the day of the wedding to avoid last minute chaos. If you keep ring shopping pending until the eleventh hour, then it is going to cause you a major hassle right when you are in the deep end of your wedding preparations.

  • Plan your budget

 Be it a wedding ring for men or women, as priceless as it looks with all its glorious designs - it comes at a price. Speaking of diamond rings in particular, their prices vary based on different factors such as their cut, clarity, and carat weight. As you’ll be adorning this piece of jewelry on your finger for the rest of your life, it is imperative to choose an exquisite ring of high-quality. So, you must consider all the above-mentioned points while planning your budget.

  • Consider insurance

 Both men’s and women’s wedding rings are expensive purchases that require just as much security from theft and loss as any other precious jewelry items. Therefore, it is recommended to get your wedding rings insured as soon as you buy them. Some insurance companies offer stand alone jewelry insurance while most others cover it under home insurance. 

  • Go for ring shopping together with your fiance/fiancée

 Whether you do it offline or online, shopping for wedding rings is an activity that you and your fiance/fiancée need to indulge in together! For gentlemen searching for a breathtaking wedding ring for their bride-to-be, as well as for ladies looking for an elegant men’s wedding ring for their groom-to-be - Finerock is a leading jewelry brand offering a wide range of enchanting options in both for you to choose from. 

  • The size and shape of the ring

 The wedding ring’s size and shape are crucial aspects that you need to consider before buying one. Your choices in terms of these factors may differ according to your individual requirements and tastes, so make sure to go through all the available options before finalizing your selection.

  • Get the exact measurement

 You should never compromise on comfort for the sake of beauty or glamor, hence it is essential that your wedding ring exactly fits your measurements. You can get the size of your ring finger measured by the jeweler to discover your precise ring size. A thing to remember while shopping for either a women’s or a men’s wedding ring is that it should be large enough to be comfortable and should wrap snugly around the circumference of your finger so as to not slip away. 

  • Choose the design

 Wedding rings are available in a plethora of designs that’ll leave you spoilt for choice. As this is a jewelry piece that you’ll be flaunting on your finger forever, you need to pick the design wisely! 

  • Selecting the metal

 Nowadays, you can discover an array of choices in wedding rings in superior quality diamonds of fine cut and clarity, and also in metals like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, etc. These elements are vital components of a ring that not only determine its aesthetic appeal but also dictate its cost, hence it is important to choose one accordingly.

Finerock is an ideal destination where you can find an exceptional quality diamond wedding ring for women and men in a wide assortment of designs, metals, sizes, and shapes at the best prices.


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